Chiropractic Care Center

We now have two locations in the RoanokeValley
 to serve you

 3609 Blue Ridge Blvd,                               4911 Brambleton Ave
 Blue Ridge, VA 24064                               Roanoke, VA 24018
 (540) 977 -4611                                           (540) 977-4611   

                             OFFICE HOURS BY LOCATION 
    Blue Ridge                                                            Brambleton Ave.

 3 pm until 6 pm                        Monday                    9 am until 1 pm
 9 am until 6 pm                        Tuesday                    Closed
 3 pm until 6 pm                        Wednesday                9 am until 1 pm
 9 am until 6 pm                        Thursday                   Closed
  Closed                                     Friday                        9 am until 1 pm

                                Sat. & Sun. by appointment only

Dr. Pollack will work hard to accomodate your schedule and get you into one of our locations to help with your pain so that you can get on with your day or weekend.
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